Line Up w. DJ Benny – 09.08.2011

1. Nicolas Jaar – Nico’s Feelin Good
2. ODS Project & Daino – Je ne veux plus etre (Original Mix)
3. Thyladomid – Deep In The Three
4. Matt John – Hello Again Californian Sunrise
5. Liem – Beggin You
6. Karol XVII and MB Valence – Snatches (Soul Minority Remix)
7. Rik Moser – Chicago (Eric Johnston’s 7am Mix)
8. Stel – Last Night On Earth (MANIK Remix)
9. Matt Masters – White Walls (Karol XVII & MB Valence Remix)
10.Phonogenic – Future Bass (Roberto Rodriguez remix)
11.Sasse – On My Mind (Metrica_remix)
12.Steffi feat elif biker – kill me (crushed soul mix)
13.Nuernberg and Kruse – About Unity (Original Club Mix)
14.Dave DK – Will Be Gone
15.Morris Brown – Smoke City (Vera Remix)
16.Elef – Stolen Reality
17.Darran Nugent – Pavel Lenchenko – How Can I (Phonogenic Disco dub)
18.Marvin Zeyss – Next To You (Maya Jane Coles Remix)
19.Peter Horrevorts – Crackhouse (Original Mix)
20.Franck Roger – My name is
21.Hugo – Pimpin Aint Easy (FormatB Remix)

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