Line Up!@30.04.2013

  • X-Press 2, Gareth Whitehead, Werner Niedermeier – No Surprise (Original Mix)
  • Sharam Jey, Teenage Mutants – Understand Me!
  • Sascha Wallus – Singing For A Beautiful Girl (Original Mix)
  • Adrian Hour – Speaking Groove (Original Mix)
  • Carl Creme – My Lovin (Speedboats, Big Explosions Remix)
  • John De Mark, Antoine Cortez – Fabolous Disco (Original Mix)
  • Luigi Rocca – I Use To Dance In The Rain (Original Mix)
  • Mario Ochoa – El Pianista (Original Mix)
  • Nicolas Eller, Dennis Pabst – I Feel Sorry For You (Original Mix)
  • Super Flu – Shine (Alex Barrera Private)

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